I AM BLESSED Engraved Bar String Bracelet

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Keep your affirmation close to your body with our I AM BLESSED Engraved Bar String Bracelet. Our IAM collection is designed to remind you of your affirmation during the day. Every time you feel over the engraved bracelet you will be reminded  to repeat the affirmation which will amplify your manifestation.

 How to

  1. We encourage you to create an affirmation statement while holding our IAM bracelet and feel your affirmation by adding positive emotion to it. 

  2. Once the affirmation is set you can wear the bracelet as usual.

  3.  Every time you run your fingers over the engraved bar you will constantly be reminded to repeat your affirmation, which will keep amplifying your manifestation process.

  4. When finished, you can cleanse your IAM bracelet and reuse it for another manifestation. 

See it! Feel It! Believe it!


    • Sterling silver .925 pendant and chain with gold/silver coating
    • Nickel-free pendant, chain, and coating
    • Adjustable string base in black: 6.1''–10.8'' 
    • Pendant is connected to the string with open jump rings
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      A 1 ¼
      B ¼
      C  6 ⅛ - 10 ¾